Malam Transformasi Bersama Rakyat: Untukmu Malaysia







The Concept:

Malam Transformasi Bersama Rakyat is organized by Goverment Transformation Programm (GTP). It was the event where the Prime Minister shared the successful of the NKRAs by GTP to the public.

Goverment Transformation Programm (GTP) – The 6 National Key Results Areas (NKRAs)
• Improving Student Outcomes
• Raising Living Standards of Low Income Households
• Improving Rural Basic Infrastructure
• Improving Urban Public Transport
• Fighting Corruption
• Reduce Crime

6 NKRAs promotion and introduction videos are shooted. Each NKRAs is represented by patriotic local artists from different races: Dato’Siti, Z.Abidin, Bob, Atilia, Suki Low, Reshmonu, Danell Lee.

1 Malaysia MTV in conjunction with the GTP Annual Report 2010 are recorded as the event theme song. The 1 Malaysia song is sang by 6 NKRAs ambassador featuring peace and harmony between the nation in order to achieve mission of 1 Malaysia.




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