MyHub, Non-Profit Youth Centre


The Concept:


Public Halls are built with a purpose for community to gather for group activities. The Public Hall are normally left empty because people believe that it is only for formal occasion. At the same time, there is laptop loafer culture who brought their laptop to stay at the restaurants or cafes which provide free Wi-Fi for long hours. There is the need of space.


This idea is to shift this group of individual to an empty space that has already been built. “My Hub” is to reshape the identity of Public Halls into approachable and energetic meet up place for youths. ”MyHub” serves the function as an area, where young people can social, meet new friends, exercise activities and learn new stuff.


“MyHub” is successfully established at Public Hall Taman Kasturi, Malacca with the supports from Persatuan Penduduk Taman Kasturi(PPTK) and IBZ Studio. Assistance from the public and the volunteers succeed this project. The feedbacks of the concept of “MyHub” have proven the results. The feedbacks of the concept of “MyHub” were positive and the visitors wish to have “MyHub” in long terms



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