Adventures with Fortie


The Concept:

Fortie Shared Bike Project at Malacca Town

Malacca’s Background:
Malacca is one of the smallest states in Malaysia. Disparate traders and invaders intermarried since 15th century; it is a city rich with ethnic and cultural diversity. It was granted as World Heritage by UNESCO on 7 July 2008. Since then, number of tourist has increase with an average of 20% per annum from 2008. UNESCO granted as World Heritage on 7 July 2008.

Malacca Town is facing serious traffic congestion during weekend or public holidays due to the public transport service designed for tourism are poorly planned and deem failed. The open parking spaces are limited. Traffic congestion is threatening the town’s economic revival and it’s putting pedestrians at risk. Most stone buildings in town are suffering adverse effects from vehicle-related pollution.

Fortie Shared Bike service
“Fortie Shared Bike” service will be launch in Malacca Town. The Malacca Town will be converted into “Pedestrian only” transportation during weekend or public holiday. The existing street side parking will take shape as bicycle riding path. As most of the tourism spots are in cycling distances, each tourism spot will have Fortie station which provides bicycle renting services. The family travel with old folks or kids can take trishaw to travel around. The station provides GPS navigation system and “Fortie Ride Guide” GPS application will be a free download to mobile phone. The “Fortie Ride Guide” will introduce each historical and tourism spots within Malacca Town.

Adventures with Fortie:

Adventures with Fortie is the promotional campaign for “Fortie Shared Bike” in Malacca Town. They are likely to use “Fortie Ride Guide” to navigate them throughout the journey. Bloggers are invited to join this adventure. The photos of each tourism destination might snapshoted and uploaded by the bloggers to their own Blogspot, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and other social media networking during event and post event. This gives the “Fortie Share Bike” free and powerful viral promotional.

Fortie Ride Guide software allows the phone capture photos and also manage the coordination of places at the same time! The coordinate can be shared thru sms, mms, bluetooth or email. Other than that, the coordinate can be downloaded online as well. This solves the tiresome process of searching roads manually for a place to travel. Additionally, more unpopular but worthwhile place will be explored as people can reach the place easily according to the photos snapshoted by other.

This project is designed to solve traffic congestion in Malacca Town. It makes the whole city greener and reduces the vehicle pollution to the historical buildings. Tourists can have a clam and peaceful trip at Malacca. This project is more cost effective compared to construct the Aerorail station. Riding bicycle project encourages the nation to exercise more as diabetes is a serious illness among Malaysian. Sharing bicycles is much better than purchase and bring your own one during the travel. It is fun to have something shared.



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