Little Sheep’s Closet Website


Preview Project

The Concept:
This is a personal e-shop website, in attempting to kick start a small Kid’s apparel business. Named Little Sheep’s Closet.
Concept. Just like growing Adults, Every little kids should have own closet filled with love from papa & mama, with beautiful & cutest clothes. Learning to wear smart & pretty should start from small age okay! Shopping through mall can be time consuming, troublesome, or flooded by choices or bad customer services. Thus this is where Little Sheep closet comes in picture, carefully picked quality at affordable price range, exceptional responsive customer services.

The logo design is a mascot to represent little sheep, the brand name. The main colour are in yellow and orange to bring out cheerful and happiness direction. The website is a responsive website generated with wordpress. E-commerce system is built in this website for online shopping experience. The online shopping setting is easy and user friendly. The cart is located on the top right corner of the website.


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