Child for Sale: Gold Student Kancil Award


The Concept:

Every child has the right to life, survival and development. But thousands of children lose this right every day. They were sold and transported away from their home, forced into slavery, prostitution, armed conflict and child marriage.

Raise awareness on child exploitation that will lead to a global conversation about The Convention on The Rights of The Child.

Create a guerilla campaign which is controversial by “illegal child selling” as that stir up the public.Collect supporters’ pledges through “Child For Sale” website and persuade the local government to take the 4 pillars of The Convention into consideration, when developing children related policies.

Stir Up The Public:
- ‘Illegal child selling’ flyers and posters will flood the community in a short period.
- The purpose is to stir up the public and create a huge controversy.
- The ‘childforsale’ website will be stated in every ads.
- Angry and curious audiences will visit the ‘childforsale’ website.
- The website will have explainations about CRC and their vision to protect every children rights.


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